In the era of universal digitalization for our country, the concept of Big Data becomes not just “big data”. This is a huge amount of information of various formats distributed in data centers over a vast territory and subjected to continuous movement along WAN and LAN channels using various protocols.

Using the products of one of the leaders in the production of high-performance servers SUPERMICRO, we offer customers the construction of reliable and efficient computing systems and data storage and processing clusters based on Twin, Quad and SuperBlade systems that allow building high-performance and flexible solutions.

The use of high-speed network equipment 40/100/200GbE and InfiniBand allows you to deploy cluster systems to solve problems of distributed computing and data storage. At the same time, network scaling processes are not optimal without the implementation of network load balancing, monitoring and cybersecurity systems, including using direct memory access technologies based on RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) and RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet).


Technologically, to overcome the territorial and interface gap between different enterprises or structures of data storage systems, converged solutions developed by PLUSMICRO to order in the interests of customers help.

Managed optical switches, optionally equipped with optical signal amplifiers and dispersion compensators.

A range of different transceivers for signal transmission over both short and long distances. Smart versions allow you to implement various virtualization modes such as "TDM over Packet" or, through the use of a proprietary enhanced FEC algorithm, transmit a signal over longer distances without additional amplification of the optical signal.

Multichannel WLAN/LAN interface converters/cross switches/multiplexers.